Subject Marker by the Southwell Co.

In 1866, a little shop opened on Commerce Street in San Antonio. Its original purpose was to manufacture stencils for wool and cotton shippers; but rubber stamps and seals were later added to the range of products. In 1912, George T Southwell purchased this company, the San Antonio Rubber Stamp Co. After his death in 1924, George’s son, W.P. Southwell took over management of the company.  In 1953, the name was changed to The Southwell Company.

For the 1936 Texas Centennial, a statewide building program was initiated. Texas companies and artisans worked together to erect over 1000 monuments; museums; community buildings; and historical markers all over the state. Southwell contributed by supplying cast bronze components of many of the monuments and markers. In the early 1960’s, after a general period of dormancy for the production of historical markers, Southwell began to the produce the modern cast aluminum markers we know today.

Granite Centennial Marker with Bronze Star & Wreath
Granite Centennial Marker with Bronze Star & Wreath

The Southwell Company is in business to this day and offers a diverse range of products. They produce historical markers for, not only Texas, but other states as well. They offer both single and double sided markers; bronze plaques; cast metal letters; and custom signage. They also offer plaques for properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The company continues to be family-run.

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